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I choose confidence!
Whether it is applying for a new job, getting in front of the camera, learning something new, asking for a raise, getting your course up online, embracing midlife on your own terms, taking a solo travel adventure, wearing what you really want to wear, stepping out and networking, pressing "go live" on your social media channels - each day you delay there is a price you pay. Either in $$$$, delayed dreams or both!

Each Day You Delay, There is a Price You Pay


Imagine if You...

✓ Woke up every morning trusting that you would show up for yourself

✓ Were able to focus and finish what you started

✓ Felt excited at the thought of trying something knew

✓ Felt empowered to push yourself at work and in life

✓ Felt at peace, knowing that you have the skills to bounce back from any setbacks

✓ Trusted your intuition

✓ Had the confidence to age on your own terms

✓ No longer worried about “other people’s” opinions of you

✓ Felt more alive as you took consistent action to move closer to your potential

✓ Felt more at ease at parties and in social situations and were able to start conversations without feeling anxious

✓ Felt less anxiety in relationships and were able to ask for what you wanted

✓ Felt more joy throughout your day

✓ Felt at peace and at home in your body

✓ Gave yourself a thumbs up when catching your reflection

✓ Had the confidence to say “yes” to the things that bring you joy and “no” to the things that suck the joy out of you

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If there was a pill for this, it literally would be THE magic pill, because it would change EVERYTHING.

While there isn’t a magic pill, there is a remedy and it is called Confidence.

Welcome to The Confidence Catalyst

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What people are saying

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Spending time learning from Petra each day was like having a coach, mentor, therapist, and best friend all at once. As a "self-help" junkie, I've read so many books and follow many "Thought Leaders", but Petra's approach is more practical, strategic, enjoyable, and actionable. So many great takeaways from this course and Petra's teaching style is circular and that was the key to the learning process during this course. We began, went back, went forward, and came full circle with more awareness and inspiration to actualize our greatest gifts. This type of reinforcement allows for more practical learning and being able to use what you have learned. Petra's exquisite energy, personality and presence has you eagerly awaiting each lesson and it’s great to be able to review the lessons over and over again. Thank you Petra for your precious wisdom!!!

- Donna Ognibene

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Just a quick note to tell you how helpful this course has been. You nailed it when you said, “sometimes having too many choices is a sign of procrastination.” Ouch :) So here’s what I’ve done - thanks to you. I’ve wanted (and been afraid) to hire an editor for a book I’m writing. I have lots of excellent excuses including, but not limited to, I’m not ready, It’s expensive, I’m not sure which person to choose…Well, no more. I reached out to a book agent/friend of mine and received the name of an editor and we are now working together. To cover the cost, I arranged to take bartending classes with an event planner and this spring and summer I can make the extra money I need to pay the editor. Bartending sounds like fun and it’s something I might not have done had I not been meeting with you through this program. In addition, out of the blue, another opportunity dropped in my lap. I’ve been offered a lucrative, part-time job I can do from anywhere and still have time to write. The important thing here is that I’m moving forward with a long held dream of mine (being an author). I’ve been intimidated for too long. Thanks so much!

- Elle G.

Are you tired of...

➜ Worrying that you will never reach your true potential

➜ Starting and not following through

➜ Feeling stuck and going in circles

➜ Buying courses and never launching your own

➜ Feeling scattered, uncertain and not taking action

➜ Not trusting yourself

➜ Feeling resentful watching others go for their dreams

➜ Scrolling and comparing versus living and doing

➜ Feeling as though you should have it all figured out “at this age”

➜ Feeling like an imposter, a fraud and waiting to get “found out”

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Hi, I am Petra Kolber

the best-selling author of The Perfection Detox, a TEDx and Keynote speaker, the host of the Live Your Yes Life Now Podcast, and a certified mindset coach.

I bring over 30 years of experience as a wellness expert along with a training certification through the Wellbeing Institute in Positive Psychology into all that I do and create.

I am truly privileged to work with individuals and small groups, on how to create clarity around their soul goals, reclaim their confidence, get unstuck, stop spinning, and set their wheels of life into forward motion. Recently, at the age of 55 I learnt to DJ, (a courage catalyst expansion moment) and my first event was for over 500 people in Toronto Canada. I am now a resident DJ for a boutique hotel in NYC.

And....It wasn't always this way.


I was a fitness expert, working with companies such as Reebok, Adidas, Gatorade and California Walnuts. I traveled the world speaking to tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts and wellness leaders. I was the host of several workout shows on television, I was featured on a Special K cereal box and have been privileged to win almost every fitness award there is to be won.

From the outside looking in I had it all...BUT I wasn’t happy. I was terrified. I was terrified of being seen as a fraud, of making a mistake, of doing the wrong thing, of not being liked, of being “found out.”

This led to me losing my confidence, questioning my value, constantly second guessing myself and I felt overwhelmed by self-doubt and was living in a state of anxiety. I felt angry at myself as I should know better, I felt disappointed in myself for questioning every decision I made, and I was tired of always procrastinating on the things that mattered. And of the rare occasion that I did follow through, any enjoyment was sucked out of me, because of wondering what “other people” would say about me.

As successful as I looked from the outside, my inner world was in constant
turmoil. After years of struggle, self doubt and anxiety, I knew this is was no way to live. I decided “enough!”


Through a bit of therapy, a ton of research, and going back to school to study the science of positive psychology along with obtaining my coaching certification, I was able to witness the power of my thoughts and focus. I began to separate who I was from what I did and make peace with the thoughts from my past that triggered my feelings in the present and break through my mental blocks so I could design my powerful and purposeful future.

My confidence flourished, my inner critic was put on notice and joy stepped into her place. The difference between existing in a life of self-doubt and uncertainty and living in a life of purpose and possibility was so profound, that I knew I had to share this process with others. I designed a program and methodology that is helping hundreds of people tap into their confidence, live bravely, and put action behind their delayed dreams. I am looking forward to the opportunity to do the same with you.

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Less Overwhelm and Less Handouts
More Solutions and More Support


This is for you if you...

  • understand and believe that confidence is a skill that you can learn
  • are tired of waiting for the right time to start what matters
  • are ready to believe in yourself
  • are willing to be patient with yourself and this process
  • are terrified of leaving a life of regrets versus living a life to remember
  • know there is a gap between the life you are living and the life you desire
  • are ready to stop second guessing your decisions
  • are sick and tired of doubting yourself
  • are over buying courses and not using them
  • have something to say but doubt that anyone will listen
  • are ready to let go of mediocre relationships
  • are ready to stop scrolling the images of the past and begin living your best possible future

This is NOT for you if you...

  • are not willing to shut down the noise, get quiet and take action
  • believe it's too late to get started
  • are focused on the past and not willing to change your perspective to move forward
  • aren't willing to trust the process - it's not an overnight promise
  • aren't ready to carve out time to take care of yourself and your future


What you'll learn...

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What confidence is and why you struggle with it
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How to create a circle of confidence and use it in every situation
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The myths around confidence and how to breakthrough them
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How to build upon your strengths to create more confidence
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What fear is, whether it is helping or hurting, and how to work with it and use it as a teacher 
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Tools and strategies that you can use immediately to boost your confidence and put action behind your soul goals
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How to remember your strengths, become more of who you are, and share your gifts with the world

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside!

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Module 1: Understanding what confidence is and how to strengthen it

Includes six lessons that will help you understand the science of confidence,  how to build a solid foundation of unwavering self-esteem, and get you moving from feeling stuck to being unstoppable.

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Module 2: Moving toward Your potential

Includes six lessons that will give you the tools and strategies to "test out" your new confidence, as you put action behind your soul goals in a way that feels realistic, achievable and joyful.

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Module 3: Stretching Your confidence muscle and saying YES to living your best life

Includes eight lessons that will inspire you to live a life of no regrets and stop putting your dreams on hold. It's time to re-write your future and when you hold the pen of self-confidence you will always trust the next chapter.

What clients are saying

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Magic started happening within the first week of The Confidence Catalyst. I became more positive, more confident and more creative. The wall between me and action came down. Every lesson with Petra was interesting, funny, uplifting and inspirational and it was awesome. I am so happy I took this course!

- D. Cheseborough

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This program is already working – I’ve told four of my clients I’m raising my rates!

- Lucy H.

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I want you to know how very much I enjoyed The Confidence Catalyst. Even at 75 I learned so much about myself and where I want to be. At this stage of my life my goal is contentment! And now I have the tools I need to reach that goal thanks to you.

- LaJean

What's the investment?

Payment plans available 



Regular: $500

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • 20 instructional, inspirational and no fluff videos
  • Downloadable Daily reminder cards for each lesson
  • Downloadable reflection sheets for each lesson
  • Downloadable audio of each lesson to take on the go
I'm Ready

Are you ready to?

 Less doubting and more decision making
 Less anxiety and more laughter.
 To finally have your head and you heart be in alignment
 Be a part of something that will celebrate you, support you and give you real tools and strategies based on science and research, versus fluff and woo- woo (although I do love a tiny bit of woo)
 Close the gap between the life you are living and a life you are loving.
 Live your life with intention, joy and purpose versus leave your life with regrets
 Trust yourself and create the life you have been waiting for
 Ask for what you need and let go of what you don’t
 Stop trying to change who you are and learn how to become more of who you are
 Less overwhelm and more joy

Maybe you're thinking...

What If I Don’t Have Time For This?

The course is self-study and all recordings of the Master Classes are recorded. Only you can decide whether you are worth your own time. What if you spent one hour less a week on Social Media or watched one less show on television? What if today was the day you decided to turn your “one day” dream into “day one” of taking action?

What If I Am Not Technically Savvy?

The course is easy to access and easy to follow. All live calls and coffee shops will be done via zoom. This is an easy to use platform that can be accessed by computer or telephone. There will be videos on how to use any additional software included in your package. If you still have questions, me and my small but mighty team are here to help.

What If I don’t Like the Course?

While of course I will be sad to see you go, this only works if you do the work and enjoy the process. I offer a 7-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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I know firsthand the feeling of overwhelm, dissatisfaction and anxiety that comes with not feeling confident, especially when we think we are “old enough” to know better.

While our stories are different, I know how it feels to wake up doubting the day versus stepping into your day with a sense of confidence and purpose. Here is the thing, no-one teaches us how to be confident in school and yet is the number one skill we need to be successful, while also enjoying the journey along the way.

I have done the hard work and the heart work. I have coached hundreds of people on how to tap into their self-confidence and step into their potential. It would be my honor and privilege to do the same for you.

I believe in you and will be alongside you until you believe in you too!