You Know What To Do !

2022 Is The Year To Do It

You get to choose. A year of possibility, or a year of the same.

Do not let this pandemic go to waste.

Starting Saturday January 8th 2022

I'm So Ready !

What is Possibility?


The origin of the word possibility, comes from the Latin word possiblis: which means - able to be done.

When we are committed to making choices that are in alignment with our best possible future, we are living in possibility.


What You Can Expect During Our Time Together  

Think of this as a bootcamp for your dreams, and with me as your accountability coach.

We will begin our time together with a 90-minute interactive workshop. During this session you will assess what went well in 2021 and what you want to do differently in 2022. We will also create a checklist of your strengths, acknowledge your gaps, and create a 30 day action plan for your future.

Then each day for a month you will receive a possibility prompt and an accountability action from me, via email. Easy to do but it's up to you whether you do it. You will also have the option to sign up for additional coaching should you so wish.

At the end of 30 days we reconvene for another 90-minute workshop. Here you will be able to reflect on what is working, what needs to be tweaked and what is still getting in your way.

Before we part ways, you will create a revised action plan for the next 90 days so that you can create Your year of Possibility.

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If Not Now ......

Let's be honest 2021 was really hard, and now it's time to turn that hard work into heart work. You did not come this far, to only come this far. 

That whisper inside of you, that "thing" that you just never have time for ....

NOW is the time. End of story.



Why Work With Me?

Because you and I are more similar than you may think. AND I have done a LOT of hard work and heart work to understand how to help people get out of their own way.

I work with teams and individuals to help them get unstuck so they can become unstoppable. AND I see it over and over again, that the greatest hurdle to anyone living a life of possibility is a lack of belief and a lack of commitment to taking inspired action.

A little bit of the professional bio is now to follow:

I am the author of The Perfection Detox, Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely and Unleash Your Joy, which released as the number one self-help book in Amazon and has been translated into Spanish, French and Arabic.

I am a Performance Coach with a specialty in Positive Psychology, a TEDx speaker, and more recently a DJ.

In December of 2020, I left New York City, sold my belongings and at the age of 57 became a Digital Nomad. 

In November 2021, I left the United States for Europe and plan to spend the next two years traveling the world writing my second book. I am on a quest to help women move out of their head and worry less, so they could move into their heart and do more.

And ...........

I am excited and privileged for the opportunity to do the same with you.

2022 Is My Year

Believe It To Be True & Meet Yourself There









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